Frequently Asked Questions.

Do I need to Login?
No. You can subscribe to the RSS (orange doohickey) if you want ongoing updates.

How often do you post?
The goal is one review or podcast per week. The actual number will depend on whats happening in the world. We will do our best!

I would like more information about an article- what do I do?
You will notice a number & link in every citation posted on this site, called the PMID. That link will take you to the PubMed website where you can read the abstract of any article. From the PubMed website there will be a link in the upper right-hand area that will link you the the article publisher so that you can purchase the article. Sometimes the link will take you directly to the publisher where you can both read the abstract and ponder purchasing the article. MTRB cannot give you any more information about reviewed articles since that would be in violation of copyright laws.

What do I do if I have an article I think would be great for a review?
Please email the link to the article using the “contact” tab. It will go in the queue.

I disagree with your opinion. Can I post mine?
Okay, this question hasn’t been asked… But if you do have thoughts about an article please post a comment on that article. Only rule is that you must be respectful of others’ opinions (mine, the researchers, other comments).

How Can I Help?
Click on the “Contribute” tab to see how you can support MTRB with research reviews or funding.

I see quite a few typos.
Yes, yes you do. Point them out and I’ll fix them. Don’t point them out and they will stay.

Can you tell me more about CMTE opportunities?.
MTRB has received numerous request for more information on hot topics concerning evidence-based practice with different populations. We are pleased to bring you CMTE opportunitites. These will be offered throughout the year, with intensives in the summer. Sign up with your email (under the Continuing Ed tab) to receive updates.

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  1. Kathy Schumacher

    I love this research blog! Thank you for putting the time into this. I just started using Google Reader and your 6 (or so) oldest posts are password protected. What do I need to do to read them?


  2. LaGasse Post author

    HI Kathy,

    Thanks for pointing that out – I’ll remove them soon. Until then it is MT-BC.

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