Here is a list of other Music Therapy Blogs, some books, and helpful websites.

Helpful Research Article Websites:
Pubmed – Free database where you can search for articles and sometimes get the whole article.
Cochran Review – Read Cochrane Abstracts for free, searchable Cochrane database.

Books Blythe has Read Lately (and liked).
You have two options, go to the AMTA website and click on the Amazon doohickey at the bottom of the page. By typing in the author/title you can order these books to provide AMTA with a small commission for your purchase. If you click here, it will link to the affiliate account set-up by MTRB and will provide MTRB with a small commission.  We can only be stronger by supporting that which we believe in!

Levitin – This is Your Brain on MusicA great read to learn more about how your brain interacts with music.

Palmer – The Courage to TeachAbout the journey of teaching. Great for those interested in teaching college or teaching others in general. Non-music text.

Patel – Music, Language and the BrainExcellent book that looks at parallels and differences between music and language. Beautifully written and full of great information.

Rubin – Practitioner’s Guide to Using Research for Evidence-Based PracticeA nice guide to reading and using research in practice. Write from a social science standpoint. Non-music text.

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