As an avid reader, I can’t help but share awesome books. Here are books that may be helpful, interesting, or just plain fun to read. I would suggest any of the books listed below.

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Music Therapy Books (more soon)

Thaut – Rhythm, Music and the Brain – Excellent book takes a thorough look at recent research in the neuroscience of music therapy.

Music Neuroscience:

Levitin – This is Your Brain on Music – A great read to learn more about how your brain interacts with music.

Patel – Music, Language and the Brain – Excellent book that looks at parallels and differences between music and language. Beautifully written and full of great information.

Non-music Therapy Books (nonfiction)

Belenky – Women’s Ways of Knowing – All about women’s instincts and ways off learning and developing. Non-music text.

Gladwell – Tipping Point – This book demonstrates how little things can lead to something magnificent.  Also Blink – how we form an impression/conclusion in a split second.

Hendelman – Functional Neuroanatomy – Great text that explain functional neuro systems simply and clearly.  Includes DVD where you can watch the pathway to and from the brain for different systems.

Nunn- Who’s Who of the Brain – This book makes a story of the brain, giving each system/area a character that contributes to a full-functioning town. Includes information about damage to different systems.

Palmer – The Courage to Teach -About the journey of teaching. Great for those interested in teaching college or teaching others in general.

Rubin – Practitioner’s Guide to Using Research for Evidence-Based Practice – A nice guide to reading and using research in practice. Write from a social science standpoint.

Fiction: After a full day of work reading it is great to sit back and read for fun! I also get a lot of ideas from reading – even if they have nothing to do with therapy. Remember to go to your local library to save money!

Atwood – Always been a fan. Reading her new book The Year if the Flood – this far it is dark, but good.

De los Santos – Great reads. Enjoyed Love Walked In. Easy reads.

Hannah – Easy “non-work” reads – a little bit predictable, but nonetheless… Enjoyed Firefly lane and True colors.

Kingsolver – Love, love, love this author. About to start The Lacuna…

Marquez – I’ll admit that it took me several tried to get through One Hundred Years of Solitude, but after finishing, its one of my favorites.

Picoult – This author puts a lot of research into her books. Makes them interesting to read. Sometimes predictable or very similar to one another… Will be coming out with a book about a music therapist soon (Sing You Home).

More soon!