There are two ways you can “chip in” and support MTRB:

Review Articles: To contribute research reviews please contact Blythe directly to get the specifics. There is no pay involved, as this is a labor of love. MTRB would welcome research reviews from qualified, experienced, and passionate board-certified music therapists or persons in the field of music neuroscience.

MTRB Support: Most of us would agree that we would rather not be bombarded with ads and fees every time we want to pursue knowledge. For this reason, MTRB is an ad-free and subscription fee-free website and it will stay that way. We do have suggested books and products under “resources” that you may purchase from affiliate links, should you be interested. We also have partnered up with Summit Music Therapy Services to offer continuing eduction courses, if you are looking for CMTE credits.

If you like what you see here and want to see it continue, think about making a contribution towards this website. Any donated funds will be used toward the betterment of this blog/website.

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  1. KJ

    We can share info about autism from site-to-site that might be of help to another struggling with


    Each bit of information can/will be of help in one way or another.

    Thank you for your website.

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