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MTRB #15 – Claire Ghetti

ghetti_bw Claire Ghetti is part of the Grieg Academy Music Therapy Research Centre (GAMUT) and Associate Professor of Music Therapy at The Grieg Academy, University of Bergen, Norway. As a music therapist and child life specialist, she has extensive clinical experience with children and adults in intensive and long-term care medical settings. Claire has particular interest in exploring the ways in which music therapy may promote emotional-approach coping and buffer against traumatization in intensive medical contexts. She has conducted research and theoretical work in the area of music therapy as emotional-approach coping and as procedural support for invasive medical procedures. Current research includes evaluating the use of music therapy to improve quality of relation in preterm infant/parent interactions in order to promote optimal neurodevelopmental outcomes and improve parental psychological health. Along with colleagues at GAMUT, Claire is also researching the implementation of music therapy in substance use treatment settings in Norway, and she has published on the topic of music therapy and harm reduction. Claire has served on the editorial boards of the Journal of Music Therapy, Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy, and Music Therapy Perspectives, and has authored journal articles and book chapters on various research methodologies and clinical approaches. She holds a Ph.D. in music education/music therapy with a minor in health psychology from the University of Kansas.

MTRB Podcast #2

We discuss three articles, here are the citations below. We also recommend another music therapy podcast, called The Roundtable, put together by some friends of ours. We finish up by previewing the International Conference of Music Perception and Cognition that we will both attend next week in Seattle, WA, USA. Blythe is presenting on neurologic music therapy and I have NO obligations/committees, etc. so I can attend whatever I want (or throw fish at a market or visit the Jimi Hendrix museum). We’ll tweet a hashtag for all of our tweets from the ICMPC conference soon as well.

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