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A Different Look at Autism

Over the past decade, there has been increasing research on different aspects of Autism Spectrum DIsorders. For example, Frontiers in Integrative Neuroscience just released an issue completely dedicated to sensorimotor differences in ASD. For this MTRB post we will take a brief look at some of the core articles in this issue. Continue reading

Sensory and ASD

In the process of writing a grant application for a music therapy research project focused on ASD, I have been reading a lot of current research. Something that has been more prevalent in the research over the past two years is a consideration of sensory needs in ASD (see Kwakye et al., 2011 or Marco et al., 2011 to read about sensory and autism). Within this literature I found two articles investigating sensory supports for children with ASD.  Continue reading

Should We Challenge Our Ideas About ASD?

A recent article challenges us to take a different look at autism – to consider that the typical approach may not be the only or the most effective approach in treating children who have an ASD.  This week we’ll consider this perspective and look at a few non-music research studies that challenge how we typically think of ASD. Continue reading

MTRB at the AMTA 2010 conference – Research Winners


Dr. Burns

Two interviews with research award winners at the AMTA 2010 Conference in Cleveland, Ohio. We taped several interviews in November and feature Dr. Debra Burns from Indiana University-Purdue University-Indianapolis and the IU Cancer Center won the AMTA Research and Publications Award. MTRB’s own Dr. Blythe LaGasse won the Arthur Flagler Fultz Research Award and is the interviewee!