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MTRB Podcast #2

We discuss three articles, here are the citations below. We also recommend another music therapy podcast, called The Roundtable, put together by some friends of ours. We finish up by previewing the International Conference of Music Perception and Cognition that we will both attend next week in Seattle, WA, USA. Blythe is presenting on neurologic music therapy and I have NO obligations/committees, etc. so I can attend whatever I want (or throw fish at a market or visit the Jimi Hendrix museum). We’ll tweet a hashtag for all of our tweets from the ICMPC conference soon as well.

1. Reichow, B. & Volkmar, F.R. (2010). Social skills interventions for individuals with autism: Evaluation for evidence-based practices within a best evidence synthesis framework. Journal of Autism and other Developmental Disorders, 40, 149-166.

2. Kim, J., Wigram, T., & Gold, C. (2008). The effects of improvisational music therapy on joint attention behaviors in autistic children: A randomized controlled study. Journal of Autism and other Developmental Disorders, 38, 1758-1766.

3. Pietschnig, J., Voracek, M., & Formann, A.K. (2010). Mozart effect-Schmozart effect: A meta-analysis. Intelligence, 38, 314-323.

Music for Cognition: Temporally Sound

As music therapists we often work on cognitive skills including learning, attention, executive function, etc… The music therapy literature on these skills is in its relative infancy, so you won’t find a lot of empirical evidence directly supporting the use of MT for cognition. However, a recent publication provides some interesting information that will make you think. Continue reading