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MTRB #7 – Past Episodes. The FIRST One!

Hi MTRB subscribers/listeners! It’s been a “long-ish” spring semester and we’ve been behind in getting some more MTRB podcasts out. So, to tide you over are a few podcasts we’ll release in the summer that we thought we had lost entirely, and can make available to you!

Here’s episode #1, when we first started the podcast in 2010 and gave you and idea of what we wanted to do with it. Enjoy an “almost throwback Thursday,” but on a Wednesday, MTRB podcast!

Report: Neurosciences and Music IV: Part 1

This week MTRB is featuring a guest post by Krystal Demaine MEd, MT-BC, who attended the Neurosciences and Music IV conference in Edinburgh, Scotland. This conference was subtitled Learning and Memory and brought together Neuroscientists, Neurologists, Musicians, Music Educators, Music Therapists, and Researchers in fields of music cognition and perception. Learn about current international research in this two-part guest post. Continue reading